"Bless the Lord, oh my soul
    and forget not all His benefits,
    who forgives all your iniquity,
    who heals all your diseases"
    Psalm 103:2,3

Just a few of our many testimonies -- great demonstrations of God's love manifesting in the natural realm.

The following people received a touch from Jesus and you can too!

  • word of knowledge ushers in God's miracle -- man is healed of late-stage prostate cancer
  • contracted hand miraculously straightens out
  • doctors suspect lady has severe heart problems, after prayer - she has testing done to find out the Lord healed her from her infirmity
  • young teen healed from latex allergy
  • after hospital visit, man's open heart surgery is cancelled and he is taken off two of his heart meds that he had been taking for 14 years
  • mobile team members pray for fellow with poor eye sight, left eye improved by 80%
  • after consistent visits - Alzheimer's patient leaves with a new outlook on life and can carry on a conversation
  • woman suffering with chronic headaches and shoulder pain leaves pain-free
  • contracted hand miraculously moves and becomes pliable
  • woman lifts paralyzed foot for first time since stroke three years ago.
  • woman with crippling body pain leaves fully restored - physical mobility and pain-free
  • woman suffering from depression is set free
  • woman with prolonged emotional wounds (35 years of bitterness) leaves with a new spirit
  • after two visits woman suffering from chronic back pain for 15 years leaves pain-free
  • man with cancer comes for prayer on eve of receiving a test that will determine his treatment - tests come back cancer free, symptoms never return
  • daughter's testimony of deliverance from floaters leads to mother's deliverance from floaters
  • hearing increased 30%
  • woman suffering from severe congenital high-frequency hearing loss after prayer can now hear clearly even in noisy environments
  • man emotionally bound to wheelchair stands up and walks
  • man with paralyzed leg does line-dancing in prayer room after prayer
  • woman with crooked pelvis due to car accident after prayer returns to physiotherapist and finds her pelvis is perfectly aligned
  • destiny unlocked after word from the Lord

The greatest miracle is an awakened spirit who desires to partner with God and put Jesus on the throne of their heart -- many salvations after personal word of love and comfort from Father God empowered through the Holy Spirit.